Expert Makes Unfriendly Prediction For Judge Chutkan if She Tries Trump Before November

by Jessica

Amidst the anticipation surrounding the Supreme Court’s decision on former President Donald Trump’s immunity appeal, legal expert Ankush Khardori remains optimistic about a timely trial.

In an essay seen by Raw Story on Saturday, March 2, Khardori emphasizes the public interest, citing a federal statute that urges judges to consider the best interest of the public when setting trial dates.

“A federal statute requires judges to set trial dates that account for “the best interest of the public.” This is the exceedingly rare case in which we do not have to speculate on the matter,” he writes.

Acknowledging the rarity of such cases, Khardori underscores that the overwhelming majority of Americans express a desire for a verdict before the election, a sentiment shared by nearly two-thirds of the population, including one-third of Republicans.

“Americans have repeatedly told pollsters — nearly two-thirds of them, including roughly one-third of Republicans — that they want to see a verdict in the case before the election,” Khardori wrote. ”

The necessity for informed voting in a presidential election amplifies the call for a swift trial.

With oral arguments slated for April 22, Khardori speculates that a final Supreme Court ruling might not surface until late June.

However, he envisions a window for US District Judge Tanya Chutkan to commence the trial by September, allowing three months for preparation on both sides.

Despite the estimated four to eight weeks duration mentioned by special counsel Jack Smith, Khardori suggests Smith might streamline the process by presenting only the strongest evidence.

While acknowledging the potential argument from Trump’s legal team against holding a trial close to Election Day, citing it as election interference, Khardori asserts that Judge Chutkan must prioritize the law, public opinion, and common sense.

He predicts increased threats against Chutkan from Trump supporters but urges her to “hold the line” and implement the quickest and most reasonable trial schedule.

“Judge Chutkan can expect threats against her from Trump supporters to certainly increase if she tries Trump before the election. But she has to hold the line and put the case on the quickest and most reasonable trial schedule that she can devise.”

In this high-stakes case, Khardori contends that expediting proceedings is a strategic necessity for the prosecution, even if it involves difficult decisions.

As the legal drama unfolds, the nation awaits the intersection of justice, public interest, and electoral dynamics in the final weeks of the presidential campaign season.

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