John Cena Addresses Retirement Rumors “Drug-Free for Life” and Navigating the Balance Between WWE and Hollywood

by Jessica

For decades, WWE icon John Cena has captivated fans with his unparalleled entertainment and enduring status as one of the greatest superstars in the industry. Renowned for his impressive physique and unmatched strength in the ring, Cena has faced speculations about potential performance-enhancing substances throughout his career.

However, in a recent exchange with WWE United States Champion Logan Paul, ‘The Leader of Cenation’ emphatically asserted that he has been ‘drug-free for life’ and has never used testosterone.

As Cena’s in-ring appearances gradually decrease, signaling a potential retirement, the former WWE Champion addressed the looming question of hanging up his boots in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. On the press tour for his latest film, “Argylle,” Cena expressed that he has never wanted to step into the ring merely for the sake of it.

Approaching the age of 47, he feels great internally but acknowledges the demanding nature of being a WWE performer night after night. Cena emphasized that he wants to preserve the same passion as the fanbase and deliver performances that reciprocate the energy he receives. With the odometer ticking towards 50, he hinted at the inevitability of a retirement decision.

Cena highlighted the challenges of balancing wrestling with his burgeoning film career, citing insurance reasons that hinder his ability to perform in the ring while actively engaged in movie projects. Despite occasional comebacks for short stints, like his recent return during the SAG-AFTRA strike, Cena made it clear that a full-time WWE return is unlikely.

He emphasized the toll that even sporadic commitments take on him and acknowledged the importance of preserving his health for the long term. While leaving the door open for potential opportunities, Cena expressed gratitude for his fortunate health and a desire to continue feeling great throughout the rest of his life.

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