President Joe Biden Used This Punchline to Mock Donald Trump at a Washington, D.C. Event

by Jessica

President Joe Biden playfully poked fun at former President Donald Trump during his speech at the Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington, D.C. late Saturday, as per HuffPost.

Biden, delivering a lighthearted roast, quipped that two candidates had secured their party’s presidential nomination. Yet, he humorously remarked that one was too old and mentally unprepared for the role, all about Trump.

Biden continued to talk about the former president, brushing off ongoing criticism about his own memory and clarity, while also spotlighting instances when Trump had stumbled in public.

However, he also took the moment to delve into serious matters, cautioning about the looming threats to liberty and democracy both in the United States and globally, according to CBS News.

Biden said, “Don’t tell him, he thinks he’s running against Barack Obama, that’s what he said.” He also hinted at a moment when Trump mistakenly called his wife by a different name.

He added, “And another big difference between us — I know what I value most. I’m Jill Biden’s husband. And I know her name.” It was the first time Biden had attended the dinner during his presidency.

This occurs as the 2024 election draws near and the rematch between Biden and Trump intensifies. Biden also emphasized the achievements of his administration in recent years.

He revealed that the work has happened “all without destroying the economy, embarrassing us around the world or itching for insurrection.”

He also added, “Look, I wish these were jokes but they’re not.” Moreover, the speech resonated with echoes of Biden’s campaign remarks, wherein he criticized Trump for being too lenient toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden warned and said, “We live in an unprecedented moment in democracy” and claimed that “democracy and freedom are really under attack. Putin’s on the march in Europe.

My predecessor bows down to him and says to him, ‘do whatever the hell you want.’” Biden proceeded to introduce the Ukrainian ambassador, Oksana Markarova, and Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to the audience.

He said, “We will not bow down. They will not bow down, and I will not bow down.” Furthermore, the comments made at last year’s dinner struck a similarly serious chord, as former Vice President Mike Pence delivered what was then one of his most forceful criticisms of the former president.

He said, “History will hold Donald Trump accountable.” Meanwhile, the dinner is known as an evening of bipartisan humor, attracting a crowd of politicians and Washington insiders.

The event was attended by Vice President Kamala Harris, her husband Doug Emhoff, about eight Cabinet members, five members of Congress, five governors, and at least five ambassadors.

Biden concluded the dinner with remarks on the significance of a free press. While he may not always agree with the media, he acknowledged the essential role of journalism.

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