Approximately 4,000 Votes for President Joe Biden Underreported in Virginia During 2020

by Jessica

During the 2020 presidential election in Virginia’s Prince William County, election authorities have acknowledged misreporting approximately 4,000 votes in favor of former President Donald Trump, resulting in a shortfall of votes for President Joe Biden.

The misreporting involved Biden being shorted 1,648 votes, while Trump was incorrectly credited with an additional 2,327 votes, according to a statement from the county’s Office of Elections, as reported by The Hill. This admission comes shortly after charges against Michelle White, the county’s former registrar, were dropped by prosecutors from the Virginia Attorney General’s office.

Current registrar Eric Olsen emphasized in a statement that the errors did not impact the outcome of any race, and they “did not consistently favor one party or candidate but were likely due to a lack of proper planning, a difficult election environment, and human error,” according to Law & Crime. While counts were also inaccurate in Senate and House contests, the discrepancies were of lesser magnitude.

Despite Biden winning Virginia by approximately 500,000 votes against Trump, the acknowledged discrepancies did not meet the 1% criteria necessary to trigger a recount, as stated by Olsen. He explained that the reporting errors likely resulted from the results tapes not being programmed in a format compatible with state reporting requirements, and attempts to correct this issue inadvertently led to errors.

Former registrar Michelle White, who faced charges of wilful neglect and criminal corruption, was cleared of charges by Republican Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares just a week before the acknowledgment of the misreported votes. The dismissal of felony charges against White in December 2023 occurred when a crucial witness changed their testimony, prompting the prosecution to drop the case. The specifics of White’s charges had been unclear in public, according to the Washington Post.

White’s attorney, Zachary Stafford, refuted claims that White was responsible for faulty counting, stating that court remarks from a government witness debunked such allegations. Stafford accused authorities of making White a ‘scapegoat,’ emphasizing that the board certified the incorrect results, and blame was unjustly assigned to White for the mistakes.

Registrar Eric Olsen assured Virginians of the integrity of the state’s voting systems, highlighting steps taken to address the process for improvement in future elections. Olsen stated that while mistakes are unfortunate, they do not reflect a deliberate attempt to undermine the electoral process, and the investigation concluded with that understanding.

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