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Joe Biden Takes Aim at Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best’ Anti-Bullying Campaign, Taunting Donald Trump

by Jessica
Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has been hard at work for his ongoing Presidential campaign. Biden’s enthusiasm remained unwavering since announcing his candidacy. Moreover, he’s received much love from his band of loyalists respectively. Despite having many supporters, he’s still dealing with a strong opposing force.

One such force is his GOP rival former President Donald Trump. Being from the Left and Right respectively, perhaps not getting along well could be considered natural. Biden and Trump often take shots at each other at almost every rally. This time, it was Biden who called him out and did it in a rather surprising manner: mentioning Trump’s wife, former First Lady Melania Trump.

According to reports by Fox News, Biden took to X, formerly Twitter to allegedly taunt Trump by using his wife’s anti-cyberbullying campaign, “Be Best.” Attaching a news segment by CNN that mentioned an anonymous source’s claims concerning Trump’s alleged “fear” of Biden. Moreover, it highlights a source’s claim that Trump was “rattled” by Biden and his campaign’s ongoing efforts.

Furthermore, it continued to note the President’s plausible response. The thread read, “Biden campaign aides have said the taunting will keep up.” While there exists no solid clarity on the matter, just above the video, Biden penned down a rather curt response with a possible keyword being “taunt.” He wrote, “Be Best.” That was Trump’s anti-cyberbullying campaign slogan.

The aforementioned video was first posted by the President’s Digital Rapid Response Channel and later reposted on his official account. A report from CNN claimed the tweet was an attempt to throw him off a bit by labeling Trump a “loser” and strongly referencing the gravity of being a “former” President.

Speaking to Fox News, Senior Trump advisor Jason Miller released a digital statement that contradicted Biden’s tweet. Since his wife’s name was mentioned, Trump didn’t seem to hold back and called his rival out in a similar curt manner.

The digital statement began with a strong claim, “This tweet wasn’t posted by Joe Biden. Everybody knows Biden goes to bed at 4 pm, and this was posted after 6 pm.” After briefly making a pass at the President’s bedtime, the spokesperson went on to address the person who they claim taunted Trump by referring to the former First Lady’s campaign.

The response read, “To the staffer who posted this on Biden’s behalf, maybe you should focus more on reducing inflation and fixing the chaos you’ve created on our Southern Border rather than trying to be cute.” This heated faux pas has yet to receive a response from team Biden. The question is: Will Trump play a similar card as Biden or will he take the high road for this? Well, that’s to be anticipated.

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