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“Biden-Obama Email Leaks” Joe Biden Ripped Barack Obama Over Alleged Plagarism Of 2008 Speech

by Jessica

According to a report by The Conservative Brief News on Thursday, September 14, 2023, allegations of plagiarism have resurfaced surrounding President Joe Biden, centering around a 2008 speech delivered by Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate, and Joe Biden, his running mate.

These allegations revealed through emails between Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, have raised questions about Biden’s history of plagiarism and the ethical implications of such actions.

Additionally, a Harvard Law School graduate, Roger Severino, has come forward with claims of plagiarism in one of Biden’s essays from 2000, further deepening the controversy.

The recent allegations stem from an email exchange between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in September 2020, in which Hunter quoted a portion of Barack Obama’s speech that closely resembled a segment from Joe Biden’s 2008 campaign speeches.

The similarity in language raised suspicions of plagiarism, with Hunter insinuating that Obama may have borrowed from Joe Biden’s earlier speeches.

This exchange, though not definitive evidence of plagiarism, adds to Joe Biden’s history of accusations related to the misuse of others’ words and ideas.

Joe Biden’s alleged history of plagiarism is not a new revelation. Over the years, he has faced accusations of plagiarism in speeches, statements, and documents.

One significant instance of this occurred during his 1988 presidential campaign when he was found to have borrowed phrases from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock without proper attribution.

This controversy played a significant role in undermining his presidential bid.

Adding to the allegations, Roger Severino, a Harvard Law School graduate and vice president at the Heritage Foundation, recently claimed that Joe Biden plagiarized parts of an essay he wrote in 2000 while serving as a U.S. senator.

Severino alleges that Biden “lifted language” from a Supreme Court opinion, failed to provide proper sources or quotes, and presented the work as his own.

This accusation, if true, highlights a pattern of behavior where Biden has used others’ work without proper citation.

The response to Severino’s claims is also noteworthy. Instead of addressing the issue transparently, Severino alleges that his senior editors at the Harvard Journal on Legislation chose to cover for Biden by adding quotation marks and proper citations to the essay.

This response raises concerns about potential favoritism and the manipulation of academic integrity to protect a prominent figure.

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