‘I Don’t Think He Knows’: Joe Biden Mistakenly Refers to Kamala Harris as ‘President,’ Fueling Concerns Over His Age

by Jessica

President Joe Biden mistakenly called Vice President Kamala Harris by the wrong title on Monday, Nov. 13.

The incident happened at the White House during a ceremony honoring the National Hockey League’s Vegas Golden Knights for winning the Stanley Cup earlier this year.

“Please have a seat and welcome to the White House. The 2023 Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights,” Biden said in a clip obtained by Fox News. “President Harris is here to make sure we do this the right way.”

According to the report, he has made the mishap numerous times, including on Harris’ birthday last year, calling her a “great president.”

The remark comes amid growing concerns around Biden’s age as he runs for reelection in 2024. An AP-NORC poll from August revealed that 77 percent of adults think Biden, the oldest sitting president who will be 81 next week, is too old for the job. If he is victorious in the next election for a second term, he would be 86 years old upon completion.

Video of the interaction quickly spread on social media, with some users expressing concern about the president’s mental health and cognizance.

“I don’t think he knows,” one user said. “Seems he has lost it…” and “too old,” others chimed in.

His opponents like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican candidate for the White House, have taken a jab at his age in the past. During a “CBS Evening News” interview in September, DeSantis said it’s “absolutely a legitimate concern.”

“The presidency is not a job for someone that’s 80 years old. And there’s nothing, you know, wrong with being 80,” said DeSantis, 45. “Obviously, I’m the governor of Florida. I know a lot of people who are elderly. They’re great people. But you’re talking about a job where you need to give it 100 percent. We need an energetic president.”

He continued, “I think there’s going to be a lot of Americans that are going to want to see a generational passing of the torch.”

Harris also has addressed the concerns and defended Biden during a sit-down interview on SiriusXM’s “Joe Madison The Black Eagle.”

“Here’s the thing I’ll say: ‘Actions speak louder than words,’” Harris said, adding, “Let’s not get distracted. Let’s look at whether we have a President who’s actually produced, and followed through on his commitments and especially on long-standing issues that need to be addressed. Joe Biden has done that. That’s the measure of the man. Not what’s on his birth certificate in terms of his age.”

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