He Must Watch Out, Former Nuclear Codes Carrier Expresses Concerns About President Joe Biden

by Jessica

Buzz Patterson, a former military aide who was responsible for carrying the nuclear codes during the Clinton administration, has voiced concerns about President Joe Biden’s fitness to possess these critical codes.

According to an NBC News publication on Thursday, September 28, this comes as a response to a statement made by Representative Eric Swalwell regarding former President Donald Trump’s eligibility to hold these codes if elected in 2024.

Swalwell, a Democrat from California, highlighted that federal gun laws prohibit the selling of firearms to individuals under indictment for crimes carrying sentences of more than a year. In this context, Swalwell remarked, “Trump is prohibited from buying a gun. But if he wins next November, he owns our nuclear arsenal. Let’s not screw this up.”

In contrast, Buzz Patterson, who has first-hand experience carrying the “nuclear football,” contradicted Swalwell’s assertion. Patterson emphasized that Trump should not be a primary concern, referring to the current president, Joe Biden, using the nickname “Captain Applesauce.”

Patterson, a Republican, explained that the nuclear launch process requires a President of the United States with sound mental and physical capabilities.

Expressing doubt about whether Biden meets these criteria, Patterson questioned who actually possesses the nuclear codes under the current administration. Despite these concerns, the Pentagon has not provided any official comment on the matter.

Patterson has previously defended Donald Trump’s ability to handle the nuclear codes. He debunked rumors that Trump had taken the codes with him to his Mar-a-Lago resort after leaving office by emphasizing that these codes change when a new president assumes office.

In addition to his role in the Clinton administration, Patterson has used the term “Captain Applesauce” to criticize President Biden’s age and question his mental fitness. He has also highlighted instances where Biden faced physical challenges, such as stumbling on the stairs of Air Force One.

These concerns about President Biden’s mental and physical capacity have become a significant factor for voters, particularly given that Biden is the oldest president in U.S. history.

Recent polls indicate that a substantial portion of Americans are worried about his cognitive health and its potential impact on his performance as president.

Even as the debate surrounding the possession of nuclear codes and presidential fitness continues, it remains a topic of significant interest and concern among the American public.

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