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Joe Biden Exposes Tax Evasion as Hunter Neglects $125K Tax Obligation

by Jessica

IRS agent whistleblowers informed Congress that Hunter Biden allegedly evaded paying $125,000 in taxes on income he received from Burisma Holdings.

This revelation comes at a time when President Joe Biden has been pushing for a bolstered IRS to crack down on tax evaders since taking office.

In 2021, President Biden made efforts to secure increased funding for the IRS, intending to combat tax evasion among the wealthy by hiring 87,000 new agents.

He emphasized the importance of everyone paying their fair share during a White House address, stating that the goal was not to make people pay more than they owe but to encourage compliance.

During their testimony before Congress, the IRS agent whistleblowers confirmed that Hunter Biden had neglected to pay $125,000 in taxes associated with his earnings from Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company.

They also noted that despite President Biden’s emphasis on catching wealthy tax evaders, Hunter Biden still had the option to settle his tax obligations with the IRS.

Additionally, the whistleblowers disclosed that the Justice Department had allowed the statute of limitations to expire, which prevented them from compelling Hunter Biden to pay the outstanding taxes.

This meant that Hunter Biden escaped both criminal charges and the obligation to settle his tax liability.

Representative Michael Turner (R-OH) raised concerns about the situation during the hearing, pointing out that Hunter Biden had effectively retained $125,000 that should have gone to the federal government as tax revenue.

Turner highlighted the stark contrast between this amount and the average household income in Ohio, equating it to the tax income of two entire households. He inquired if Hunter Biden had the means to settle his tax debt voluntarily.

Agent Gary Shapley confirmed that the statutes of limitations had indeed expired for that particular tax year, preventing the government from compelling Hunter Biden to pay.

Turner’s observation regarding the money Hunter Biden retained went unanswered, leaving the question of whether Hunter Biden could voluntarily settle his tax liability unanswered as well.

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