Joe Biden Drops ‘Deportation’ Bombshell In Ohio

by Jessica
Joe Biden

America finds itself increasingly burdened with the fallout from global conflicts and disasters, a situation exacerbated by its porous southern border. The Biden administration’s ostensibly noble intentions are paving the road to chaos.

President Biden’s recent decision to halt the deportation of Palestinians for 18 months is portrayed as a moral stance in response to deteriorating conditions in Gaza and the West Bank, following Israel’s military actions prompted by a terrorist attack. This move aligns with pressure from Democratic factions and pro-Palestinian groups urging a shift in U.S. support away from Israel.

However, it’s crucial to remember that Israel’s actions were defensive, not offensive. The White House memorandum justifying the deportation halt draws parallels with a similar action for Hong Kong residents in 2021. Biden’s rationale, grounded in his constitutional authority over foreign relations, emphasizes the need to defer removals under certain conditions.

Exceptions include those who have voluntarily returned home, which is straightforward. However, there’s ambiguity regarding individuals convicted of felonies or multiple misdemeanors, raising questions about their criminal backgrounds outside the U.S. The notion of welcoming “your tired, your poor” may need revision to include felons.

Extradition candidates and those posing a public safety threat are also exempt, although the definition of the latter remains vague. The order’s broad language makes it susceptible to exploitation by those with malicious intent, especially concerning illegal immigration across the southern border.

Moreover, the directive extends beyond Palestinians to encompass undocumented immigrants, granting them employment authorization. This expansion raises concerns about the strain on resources and the potential for abuse, especially given the discretionary power granted to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas’s track record of manipulating border policies further compounds these concerns. Delays in asylum cases, as reported by The Associated Press, highlight the inefficacy of such measures. Ultimately, the deportation halt appears to be a political maneuver devoid of substance, emblematic of broader border policy issues under the Biden administration.

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