Amidst Staff Exodus, A Top Aide to Jill Biden Resigns from First Lady’s Office

by Jessica

The White House has witnessed an unusually high turnover during President Joe Biden’s term, with recent reports shedding light on significant changes within First Lady Jill Biden’s office.

According to the Daily Mail, a key aide resigned after breaching security protocols by escorting unauthorized individuals to the secure floor of the hotel where President Biden was staying. Michael LaRosa, openly gay, had joined the Bidens during their trip to the NATO Summit in Spain in June 2022. A senior White House staff member disclosed that LaRosa had violated security measures twice by bringing unauthorized individuals to his hotel room on a secure floor.

An additional departure from Jill Biden’s office includes Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director, who has taken a leave of absence to lead the “messaging arm” of President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign. This move reflects the ongoing shaping of Biden’s campaign, with only two staff hires announced on the first day.

Meanwhile, Rory Brosius, previously leading the Joining Forces project, has left her position, with Sheila Casey set to take over. Brosius expressed gratitude for her journey from joining the East Wing in 2012 to her role in the Biden-Harris Administration.

Despite concerns about President Biden’s age and potential challenges, Jill Biden defended her husband during an interview, stating that his age is an asset. She emphasized his wisdom, experience, and familiarity with world leaders, asserting that he is the right person for the job at this historical moment. However, recent polls indicate that a majority of Americans consider the president too old to seek re-election.

Adding to the speculation, a strategist from JPMorgan Chase, Michael Cembalest, predicted that Biden, aged 81, might withdraw from the 2024 race between Super Tuesday and the November election due to health concerns. Cembalest cited Biden’s approval rating and job creation figures but did not predict a specific replacement, suggesting it would be a candidate named by the Democratic National Committee.

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