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Ex-Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Is Crowdfunding Her Legal Fees As An Alleged Co-Conspirator In His Georgia Indictment

by Jessica

In the past, Jenna Ellis stood as a devoted MAGA supporter, aligning herself with Donald Trump’s legal “Strike Force” and ardently fighting to substantiate the former president’s contentious claims about the alleged theft of the 2020 election.

However, the tides have shifted, and Ellis now finds herself indicted in Georgia, joining her former commander-in-chief and fellow Strike Force members Rudy Giuliani and Sydney “The Kraken” Powell.

Similar to Giuliani’s predicament, Ellis is grappling with financial strain, even after diligently executing Trump’s requests, despite his reputation as a wealthy individual. Yet, Ellis has taken a unique approach to addressing her financial hurdles: she’s turned to crowdfunding.

Via NPR:

Ellis posted a link to her crowdfunding campaign on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday evening with a quote from attorney Mike Melito, who she says is representing her.

“We will fight for Jenna. If you would like to help support our efforts please consider donating by clicking the link below,” the quote reads. “America and the profession of law are worth the fight.”

Since her involvement with Trump’s “Strike Force,” Ellis has acknowledged making “misrepresentations” regarding the 2020 election. More recently, she has emerged as a vocal advocate for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the upcoming Republican primary.

Allegedly, Ellis’ endorsement of DeSantis has caused Trump to withhold assistance in covering her legal expenses stemming from the Georgia indictment. However, these claims remain unverified, and Newsweek has been unable to independently corroborate the reports.

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