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Jen Psaki Reveals Moms for Liberty’s Radical Opposition to LGBTQ+ Rights

by Jessica

During a recent episode of her MSNBC show, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki dedicated a segment to exposing the right-wing extremist agenda of the anti-LGBTQ+ organization Moms for Liberty.

Psaki emphasized that those who have been following the frequent turmoil and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric at school board meetings across the nation, as well as the efforts to ban books related to LGBTQ+ individuals and people of color, are already familiar with Moms for Liberty’s stance.

Despite the organization’s claim of being non-partisan, Psaki highlighted on the July 16 episode of Inside with Jen Psaki that Moms for Liberty’s misleading and seemingly innocuous name has left many people confused about its true agenda, even after they become involved with the group.

“While the name Moms for Liberty may sound benign, its agenda is undeniably extreme,” Psaki asserted.

She proceeded to outline the group’s tactics and causes, including spearheading book-banning movements, transforming school board meetings into chaotic confrontations, and intimidating local officials and community members.

Psaki explained, “Chapters and members across the country have initiated campaigns targeting community advocates, school board members, and opposing groups. They have consistently sent intimidating messages, openly threatened officials, and baselessly accused them of child abuse and sympathizing with pedophilia.”

She also highlighted an incident involving an Indiana chapter of Moms for Liberty, which infamously included a quote by Adolf Hitler in one of their newsletters. Although the group issued an apology, they later defended their decision to include the quote.

Psaki further debunked Moms for Liberty’s claim of being nonpartisan by presenting evidence to the contrary. She revealed that one of the organization’s founders, whose name is noticeably absent from their website, is a current Republican school board member married to the current chairman of the Florida Republican Party.

Psaki referenced a statement made by the founder in 2021, where he expressed his satisfaction with Moms for Liberty’s ability to engage young females with the Republican Party.

Psaki also noted that the group recently hosted five Republican presidential candidates, including Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, at its annual summit in Philadelphia.

Concluding the segment, Psaki emphasized, “Beneath their friendly name and politically ambiguous slogans, they are an unapologetically extreme organization that has rapidly amassed a record of harassment and controversy.”

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