Jean-Pierre Blames Republicans For Crime Surge In Dem-Run Cities, Bold Correspondent Pushes Back

by Jessica
Karine Jean-Pierre

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy, during a press briefing, confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the surge in violence and crime within cities primarily governed by Democratic politicians and district attorneys.

Refusing to accept blame for Republicans, Jean-Pierre credited President Joe Biden for his efforts in increasing funding for police officers but accused Republicans of voting against key legislation, such as the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act.

As reported by Conservative Brief on Friday, October 13, Doocy pointed out that Washington, D.C., where armed assailants recently carjacked Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, is governed by Democrats, leading to his question about blaming Republicans for the situation.

Jean-Pierre turned the focus back to President Biden’s actions, highlighting his commitment to ensuring community safety through the American Rescue Plan.

She emphasized that not a single Republican in Congress voted in favor of the plan, which included billions of dollars to fund more police officers across the nation.

According to Jean-Pierre, the absence of Republican support reveals their lack of involvement in this crucial initiative.

Doocy then questioned whether President Biden would feel comfortable leaving his Corvette parked on the streets of Southeast D.C. overnight if his policies were effectively reducing crime.

Jean-Pierre declined to entertain hypothetical scenarios and reiterated the importance of focusing on President Biden’s initiatives and accomplishments.

Doocy further pressed the issue by highlighting the recent carjacking of Rep. Cuellar and asking who is safe on the streets of D.C. Jean-Pierre expressed the White House’s gratitude that Cuellar was unharmed but did not provide a direct response to the question.

Critics opposed to the American Rescue Plan argued that only a small portion of the $1.9 trillion package was allocated to public health, with the majority directed towards Democrat priorities.

Additionally, they highlighted that the funds earmarked for education would be spent over several years, rather than immediately addressing urgent needs.

Critics also pointed out that Congress had previously passed five COVID relief bills, suggesting that another one during a period of receding cases was unnecessary and would only contribute to the growing national debt.

Recent surveys indicate that support for President Biden’s economic policies is at its lowest point since he assumed office.

Critics argue that the significant spending bills signed early in his term have contributed to rising inflation rates. Investor’s Business Daily reported that 56% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s economic policies, while only 24% approve.

These numbers demonstrate the challenges facing the U.S. economy, with inflation increasing while wages struggle to keep up.

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