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After threats to his family, Jack Smith begs that the Trump gag order be reinstated

by Jessica

Jack Smith has urged a reinstatement of the gag order against Donald Trump, citing renewed threats against the special counsel’s family.

In a 67-page motion filed with a Washington federal appeals court, Smith called for the suspended gag order, contested by Trump, to be reissued to prevent attacks on prosecutors and witnesses.

Smith’s legal team drew parallels between Trump’s social media rants and a historical incident involving a medieval king, emphasizing the potential danger even when the attacks do not explicitly call for harassment or violence.

The filing likened Trump’s repeated assaults to a signal for action, akin to a historical remark that led to an individual’s murder.

The motion highlighted a violent threat made by one of Trump’s followers, including racial and gendered slurs, which resulted in an arrest.

This filing precedes a three-judge panel’s consideration of Judge Tanya Chutkan’s gag order in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Nov. 20.

Chutkan is overseeing a federal election fraud case in Washington D.C., where Trump has pleaded not guilty. The challenge to the court-issued gag orders by Trump rests on his status as a 2024 presidential campaign frontrunner and constitutional protections for political speech.

Prosecutors argued that Chutkan’s gag order does not infringe on Trump’s ability to discuss the Biden administration but prevents a pretrial smear campaign against government staff, their families, and witnesses.

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