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Congresswoman Reveals Ivanka Trump Arrest Rumor

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump has been granted a temporary respite as a judge decided to postpone the commencement of his criminal trial in Georgia, where he is accused of interfering with the state’s 2020 election, as reported by Newsone.

This delay in the trial’s start date, however, should not be misconstrued as a delay in the pursuit of justice, according to California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She seeks to reassure her supporters and address concerns about what she believes lies ahead for Trump: incarceration.

In an effort to honor the request of two out of Trump’s 18 co-defendants for a swift trial, Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee ruled that their RICO case will proceed next month.

Trump and the other individuals implicated in this expansive case, which revolves around allegations of attempts to overturn the 2020 election, have all sought extensions to adequately prepare for their trial.

The precise commencement date of their trial remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Congresswoman Waters is unequivocal in her conviction about the trial’s ultimate outcome for Trump, regardless of when it eventually begins.

On Thursday night, Waters took to the platform formerly known as Twitter, now X, hours after the judge’s decision, to address concerns about the extended trial date. She reassured her followers, stating, “Many are worried that the Judge has extended Trump’s trial date. Not to worry! TRUMP CAN’T RUN. TRUMP CAN’T HIDE.”

In a bold assertion, Waters went on to predict that Trump’s eldest daughter would be joining him in prison, stating, “He will be imprisoned with Ivanka by his side!”

It is no secret that Waters harbors a deep-seated animosity toward Trump. She has been the target of numerous disparaging remarks and attacks from the former president and his supporters.

One notable instance of this animosity occurred when Waters criticized the Trump administration in 2018 for separating parents from their children at the border. She encouraged people to protest and confront members of the administration in public places.

In response, Trump referred to her as “an extraordinarily low IQ person” and, in what some interpreted as a threat, warned her to “be careful what you wish for.” Five days later, he tweeted, “Congratulations to Maxine Waters, whose crazy rants have made her, together with Nancy Pelosi, the unhinged FACE of the Democrat Party.

Together, they will Make America Weak Again! But have no fear, America is now stronger than ever before, and I’m not going anywhere!”

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