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IRS Whistleblower Ziegler Reveals Restrictions on Questioning President Biden, Requiring ‘Approvals’

by Jessica

In a recent interview segment released by CBS News, IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler, one of the whistleblowers involved in the Hunter Biden investigation, expressed his inability to confidently determine whether President Joe Biden benefited financially from his son’s business dealings.

Ziegler explained that whenever investigators sought to explore questions relating to the President, they were informed that such inquiries would require numerous approvals, hindering their ability to proceed.

Catherine Herridge, CBS News Senior Investigative Correspondent, pressed Ziegler on whether any evidence had been uncovered indicating that President Biden had financially gained from his son’s deals.

Ziegler hesitated to answer, stating his discomfort with the question.

Herridge further inquired about Ziegler’s reluctance, to which he responded that whenever the investigators considered delving into matters concerning the President, the process involved obtaining multiple approvals, creating a challenging environment to navigate.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of the case, Herridge queried whether additional approvals were necessary.

Ziegler acknowledged the political sensitivity but indicated that the topic would often be deferred and put on hold for further consideration.

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