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House GOP Releases Bank Records Revealing Hunter Biden’s Payments from Russian and Kazakh Oligarchs

by Jessica
Hunter Biden

In a move that has ignited fresh controversy and political debate, House Republicans have released a set of redacted bank records detailing payments made to Hunter Biden by Russian and Kazakh oligarchs.

As reported by Fox News on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, the disclosed bank records reportedly clear a staggering $20 million mark in foreign payments to the Biden family.

The release of the “Third Bank Records Memorandum” by the GOP Oversight Committee adds a new layer of complexity to the existing discussions about Hunter Biden’s international business dealings.

The memo claims that Hunter Biden received substantial payments from prominent figures such as Yelena Baturina, the Russian billionaire and former Moscow mayor’s wife, and Kenes Rakishev, a wealthy Kazakh businessman.

The funds in question are believed to have come from various business ventures and investments. The memo also alleges that then-Vice President Joe Biden had direct interactions with these oligarchs or their representatives.

It highlights that Biden engaged in in-person meetings of considerable duration and participated in around 20 speakerphone calls with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates.

Additionally, the memo points out that Joe Biden attended dinners involving foreign oligarchs who were financially tied to Hunter Biden’s ventures.

The Republican committee’s latest move follows two previous memos that implicated Biden family members in payments from entities based in China and Romania.

With the newly disclosed bank records, the total sum of foreign payments linked to the Biden family is now reported to surpass $20 million.

The committee argues that the Bidens leveraged their family name and association with Joe Biden, then a high-ranking government official, to benefit financially. The revelation of these bank records has elicited swift reactions from both sides of the political spectrum.

Supporters of the President argue that the GOP’s claims lack concrete evidence of any wrongdoing and are merely an attempt to undermine the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, critics assert that the released records highlight potential ethical concerns and conflicts of interest during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President.


As this unfolding narrative continues to draw attention, it has become a focal point in the ongoing political discourse surrounding the transparency and integrity of elected officials and their family members.

The House GOP’s decision to release these bank records is anticipated to intensify the debates about accountability and ethical behavior in the realm of politics and business relationships.


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