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House Judiciary Committee Takes Legal Action Against FBI Agent Elvis Chan for Alleged Subpoena Violation

by Jessica
Hunter Biden

The House Judiciary Committee has taken legal action against FBI agent Elvis Chan, alleging that he violated a subpoena to testify about purported attempts by the federal government to stifle online free speech. In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for Washington D.C. on Tuesday, the Republican-led committee is seeking a court order to compel Chan to appear before them.

Having served as an FBI employee for 17 years, Chan currently holds the position of assistant special agent in charge of the cyber branch for the San Francisco Division. The House committee has identified him as a key figure in the FBI’s dealings with major social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter (now X). He is also considered a potential source of information regarding allegations that certain elements of the federal government pressured social media platforms to suppress specific online content.

Notably, Chan was previously named as a co-defendant in Missouri v. Biden, an ongoing federal lawsuit initiated by Republican attorneys general for Missouri and Louisiana. The lawsuit accuses members of the Biden administration of violating First Amendment rights by allegedly pressuring social media platforms to censor content related to COVID-19 vaccines and policies, questioning the 2020 election’s security and legitimacy, criticizing the Biden administration, and parodying family members.

The legal complaint also highlights Chan’s interactions with Facebook and Twitter coinciding with the platforms’ efforts to suppress the New York Post’s reporting on the contents of a laptop allegedly abandoned by President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, at a Delaware computer repair shop. The laptop’s contents suggested some level of interaction between Hunter Biden’s international business partners and his father, contradicting President Biden’s campaign trail claims that he never discussed business matters with his son.

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