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Hillary Clinton Called Trump’s Indictments A ‘Terrible Moment’ For America (But Still Cracked A Smile After Years Of ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants)

by Jessica

Donald Trump frequently stirs his supporters to chant “lock her up” whenever he mentions Hillary Clinton. However, the tables have turned as he faces his fourth indictment and the possibility of legal repercussions.

This irony surely didn’t escape Clinton’s notice, who made an appearance on Monday’s episode of Rachel Maddow Live right after news of the indictment broke. With a chuckle, she expressed, “Oh, I can’t believe this.”

While her tone was light-hearted, Clinton’s mood turned serious as she labeled yesterday a “terrible moment” in American history.

She elaborated, “I don’t think anyone should find satisfaction in this. It’s a grave moment for our nation to witness a former president being accused of such significant crimes.” Speaking to host Rachel Maddow, she continued, “The only consolation is that our system is functioning.

Despite Trump and his allies’ efforts to suppress the truth and undermine democracy, their actions have been exposed. Justice is being pursued.”

Clinton, expressing a profound sadness, highlighted that Trump and his associates had actively aimed to “deceive the United States and its citizens.”

She mentioned tactics like “harassment,” “intimidation,” and “threats.” However, the interview concluded on a lighter note, with Maddow thanking Clinton for joining and apologizing for the timing.

In response, Clinton humorously quipped, “Just let me know when I should come next time. We’ll see what charges he’s facing then.”

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