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Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump Fans In Delusional Rant

by Jessica

In response to a tweet from the Center for American Progress, which accused Republicans of worsening the climate crisis by voting against the Inflation Reduction Act, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her criticism of “MAGA Republicans” on Twitter.

She urged people to hold them accountable for the recent heat wave affecting communities across the country and suggested considering voting them out of office.

The heat wave has coincided with above-average summer temperatures, and Democrats have attributed it to climate change.

However, not all climate experts agree on the direct link between the heatwave and climate change. Ryan Maue, one of these experts, pointed out that heatwaves have occurred throughout history, and the recent heat in the U.S. Southwest could have happened even without climate change, as evidenced by past instances of extreme heat in different decades.

Interestingly, Clinton’s tweet came just days after a New York Times editorial that called for the politicization of the weather.

The current week is forecasted to be the hottest of the summer, affecting about 75% of the nation with above-average temperatures.

Excessive heat warnings and advisories are in effect for millions of Americans, particularly along the East Coast, making it a significant concern for public safety and health.

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