Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s biggest dream shattered

by Jessica

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s alleged plans for an “American Royal Family” rebrand have been blasted by a veteran royal commentator.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams warned Harry and Meghan that they can no longer “monetize” their royal connection and are left with little to do after devastating news from the palace about King Charles and Kate Middleton’s cancer.

Just hours before Prince William and Prince Harry’s speeches at the Diana Legacy Awards, the Duchess of Sussex launched her new project, called American Riviera Orchard, along with a brand new Instagram page for it.

But the Princess of Wales’s emotional video statement, in which she announced her cancer diagnosis and treatment, could make the Sussexes rethink their strategy in fear of their popularity “plummeting” more.

Warning the Montecito couple to be cautious of their next moves, Richard Fitzwilliams told the Sun: “There isn’t anything that the Sussexes are going to be able to do to monetize their connections with the Royal Family in the future that I can imagine.”

He appeared to admit: “I would also think that Harry will be pretty devastated by the news of his father’s treatment for cancer, and also what’s happened to Catherine.”

“Remember, their popularity is pretty low on both sides of the Atlantic, if anything else happened that was considered tasteless they would plummet,” warned Richard.

King Charles and the Princess of Wales’s cancer announcement has seemingly halted Prince Archie and Princess Lilibt’s parents from doing more stunts for allegedly promoting their “American Royal Family” rebrand.

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