Groom-to-be worried that fiancée wouldn’t marry him after he suffered serious chemical burns — but she never wavered: ‘There’s nothing that would stop me’

by Jessica

Despite a near-catastrophic accident that left the groom severely injured, a resilient Georgia couple tied the knot on their originally scheduled wedding date.

Last September, Preston Cobb, a decorated Iraq War veteran and father of three from Toccoa, Georgia, proposed to his girlfriend, Tanesha. She happily accepted, and the couple began preparing for their wedding day, set for July 22.

However, their plans took a devastating turn on June 30, just three weeks before the wedding. Preston suffered a serious accident at his workplace, involving a chemical spill.

He slipped and fell into a scorching puddle, with temperatures reaching 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The aftermath was agonizing, with Preston describing it as if he were crawling out of lava.

He sustained severe burns, losing nine toes, four fingers on his right hand, and partially four fingers on his left hand. Almost a third of his body was burned, and he had to be airlifted to the Augusta Burn ICU for treatment.

The accident altered Preston’s appearance and left him anxious about whether Tanesha would still want to marry him, considering the profound changes to his body.

However, his fears were unfounded. Tanesha remained devoted and expressed concern only for his recovery, willing to delay their wedding if needed.

Preston is currently undergoing multiple surgeries at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital, in preparation for a skin graft procedure for his arms and legs.

In an incredible display of love and support, the medical staff at the hospital, inspired by the couple’s commitment, pooled their resources to organize a wedding right there in the hospital.

They hired a photographer and DJ arranged a potluck meal and crafted decorations for the intimate celebration.

Preston was determined not to alter the wedding date, and on July 22, surrounded by close family and friends, he and Tanesha became Mr. and Mrs. Cobb, fulfilling their original plans.

Tanesha expressed her unwavering dedication, stating that nothing could stop her from marrying the man of her dreams. Similarly, Preston shared his joy, stating that his condition did not deter him from marrying his beloved.

Their love and resilience touched the hearts of all those present, making the day truly special despite the challenging circumstances.

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