Giuliani Got Drunk Before Fox News Hits Defending Trump, NYT Reports in Exposé on His Infamous ‘Drinking Problem’

by Jessica

A new report on Rudy Giuliani’s drinking problem details how the former New York City mayor frequently indulged before appearing on Fox News.

According to New York Times correspondents Matt Flegenheimer and Maggie Haberman, the former mayor and ex-attorney for former President Donald Trump often drank to excess at the Havana Club — an exclusive, members-only cigar haven in Manhattan — right before appearing on Fox News.

From the Times:

“On some nights when Mr. Giuliani was overserved, an associate discreetly signaled the rest of the club, tipping back his empty hand in a drinking motion, out of the former mayor’s line of sight, in case others preferred to keep their distance. Some allies, watching Mr. Giuliani down Scotch before leaving for Fox News interviews, would slip away to find a television, clenching through his rickety defenses of Mr. Trump.”

MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton, a fellow Havana Club member, told the Times he took part in a “running gag” involving those Fox News interviews.

“[Sharpton[ and others who opposed Mr. Trump sometimes playfully encouraged a server to double Mr. Giuliani’s liquor orders before he went on Fox,” Flegenheimer and Haberman wrote.

“People would walk by after he started drinking a lot and act like he wasn’t there,” Sharpton said, describing the scene at the club.

Giuliani has not appeared on the network in several years — which the former mayor has recently, frequently complained about, according to the Times.

The former mayor’s drinking habit has come up during investigations such as those led by the Jan. 6 committee. Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller told the committee that Giuliani was drunk on election night 2020.

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