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Girlfriend shot her boyfriend, ‘who adored the woman and followed her around like a puppy

by Jessica
Girlfriend shot her boyfriend

Police officials have reported that a 56-year-old woman named Jaqueline has been convicted of second-degree murder for fatally shooting 59-year-old Melvin.

The tragic incident occurred as Melvin attempted to end his relationship with Jaqueline. Following the shooting, Jaqueline moved Melvin’s body out of sight from her dogs to prevent them from getting upset.

She has been found guilty after a two-day jury trial and is scheduled for sentencing in January 2024, potentially facing up to 43 years in prison.

The events transpired on June 4, 2022, when Jaqueline made a 911 call, claiming that Melvin had attacked her. She described fleeing from him up her long driveway to her home and later into the barn, where another confrontation took place.

Jaqueline suggested that Melvin’s anger was triggered by suspicions of her involvement with a neighbor. However, prosecutors revealed that just three hours before the tragic shooting, Melvin had sent Jaqueline a text expressing his desire to end the relationship.

Once inside the barn, Jaqueline raised her gun and warned Melvin not to advance any further. She explained to the dispatcher, “He was dead in the barn, but I didn’t want my dogs, who were all in the barn, to have to be worried about all of that.

So I had to pull him out of the barn, yes, ma’am. I didn’t want my dogs to be upset about him, so that’s why I pulled him out.” Shortly after the murder, Jaqueline drove her car to the crime scene with her ex-boyfriend to assist in moving the body.

Additionally, she requested her neighbor to enter Melvin’s home, retrieve his phone, and delete texts and emails. According to Jaqueline’s mother, Melvin held a deep affection for her daughter and followed her like a devoted companion.

Initially, Jaqueline informed investigators that Melvin had choked and pushed her to the ground on multiple occasions. However, upon her arrest, no signs of physical injury were observed on her body.

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