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Girl attacked at McDonald’s in front of crowd recording on cell phones – And almost no one helped

by Jessica

A 13-year-old girl was viciously attacked at a McDonald’s in Los Angeles’ Harbor City neighborhood.

Kassidy Jones and her classmates stopped by the restaurant on her way home from school on September 6. An unidentified woman cornered Kassidy at the McDonald’s and started attacking the teen.

Kassidy told FOX 11’s Laura Diaz that the alleged attacker hurled threatening words at the teen before beating her.

“What the F are y’all looking at? I fight kids. I fight you,” Kassidy recalled what the woman was saying to her.

The teen girl says she does not know the suspected attacker. The attacker in the video was seen dragging Kassidy to the floor, punching her, and then pulling the teen by her hair.

The crowd yelled and some recorded the incident on their phones but no one – with the exception of a man who was apparently with the suspect – jumped in to pull the woman attacker from Kassidy.

Kassidy’s mom called the police and rushed her daughter to the hospital. The attack left Kassidy’s face bruised and swollen.

“I just couldn’t believe another human being would do this,” said Angelina Gray, Kassidy’s mother.

As of Wednesday night, no arrests have been announced in the vicious attack of the 13-year-old girl.

FOX 11 issued requests for comments from McDonald’s and the Los Angeles Police Department but neither could be reached for comment before the 10 p.m. newscast.

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