Fox News Reportedly Has A Plan To Make Trump ‘Appear’ At The First GOP Debate Even Though He Chickened Out

by Jessica

Donald Trump has firmly declined participation in the initial GOP debate, opting instead to defy Fox News by engaging in a pre-recorded interview with Tucker Carlson, set to be streamed on Twitter concurrently with the Wednesday evening event.

However, Fox News has reportedly developed strategies to ensure Trump’s influence in the debate, without relying on Donald Trump Jr., who is attending as his father’s representative.

Recently, moderator Bret Baier hinted at Trump’s “presence” despite his absence, noting his role as the “primary leader.” The specifics remained unclear until now. According to The Daily Beast, Fox News is undertaking significant efforts to integrate Trump into the debate’s fabric.

Indeed, multiple people familiar with the situation told The Daily Beast that the network has committed to a plan to “beam Trump in” by playing clips of him throughout the debate and having the candidates respond. The move partly satisfies the network’s need for an active, lively debate with the frontrunner somehow involved, as well as its post-2020 core operating principle to “respect the audience”—in particular, the MAGA base that craves all things Trump.

As for Trump’s decision to skip the debate, The Guardian highlights that the former president’s motivation lies in aiming to discredit Fox News and its owner Rupert Murdoch, while also diverting attention from other Republican candidates vying for the spotlight.

Sources suggest that Trump’s dissatisfaction with Fox News’ recent coverage has fueled his stance, evident in his recent reaction to the repeated use of a disliked image – the “big orange one.”

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