Fox News Host Consults Psychic on Trump’s Political Future, Predicts ‘Sense of Loss’ in 2024

by Jessica

In an unconventional turn of events on Fox News, host Jesse Watters invited English psychic Paula Roberts to provide a reading on former President Trump’s political future in the upcoming 2024 elections. Airing on Watters’ prime-time program, the psychic session unfolded with intriguing revelations.

As Roberts pulled a card featuring a caricature of the grim reaper, she exclaimed, “Oh, I do realize that I am on Fox TV… a sense of loss. A sense of loss, but it’s very specific.” According to her interpretation, Trump may be dwelling on what he has lost, potentially hindering his ability to fully capitalize on his current advantages.

Watters, seemingly amused, responded with laughter and a lighthearted acknowledgment of Roberts’ insights, stating, “That’s a great interpretation.” He then continued the unique session by asking the psychic to pull a card for President Biden.

In an unexpected twist, Roberts pulled a card that she interpreted as indicating “lots and lots and lots of money.” Watters couldn’t resist injecting humor into the conversation, questioning whether the source of this wealth was China. The psychic playfully responded, “Oh, you are cheeky.”

Jesse Watters, known for his attention-grabbing segments and political commentary, replaced former prime-time host Tucker Carlson last year. The choice to bring a psychic onto the program adds a whimsical element to Watters’ typically political content, reflecting the host’s ability to keep his audience engaged with unexpected twists.

Meanwhile, former President Trump, who maintains a substantial lead in the GOP presidential primary, has been a vocal critic of Fox News in recent months, particularly regarding their coverage of him and his political adversaries. In this context, Watters’ decision to explore Trump’s political future through a psychic lens adds a unique and intriguing dimension to the ongoing dynamics between Trump and the network.

As the unconventional psychic reading unfolds on Fox News, viewers are left to ponder the implications of these mystical insights on the political landscape, adding a touch of mysticism to the network’s traditionally straightforward political coverage.

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