Former US Prosecutor Questions Potential False Testimony and Self-Incrimination by Trump’s Son-in-Law

by Jessica

Legal Analyst Speculates on Potential Legal Consequences for Jared Kushner’s Testimony in Jan. 6 Investigation

Glenn Kirschner, a former U.S. prosecutor and legal analyst, has raised concerns about Jared Kushner’s testimony before a grand jury investigating the events of January 6th, suggesting that false statements made by Kushner could have legal ramifications.

The New York Times recently reported that Kushner testified before a Washington grand jury, stating that former President Donald Trump believed the election was stolen.

Kirschner, in his YouTube series, analyzed Kushner’s alleged testimony and questioned its accuracy, posing the crucial question of whether Kushner told the truth and incriminated Trump, or if he lied and incriminated himself. Surprisingly, Kirschner expressed his hope that Kushner had lied, as it would provide an opportunity for special counsel Jack Smith and his team to potentially indict and flip Kushner, compelling him to provide truthful testimony about Trump’s alleged crimes.

If Kushner’s false testimony is supported by the evidence presented by the special counsel, Kirschner suggests that the grand jury might consider charging him with perjury and potentially adding him as a co-conspirator in the case.

Kirschner believes that if given the chance, Smith would indict Kushner if he chooses to lie, in order to obtain crucial information about Trump’s actions.

It is worth noting that Kirschner has consistently expressed his belief that Trump bears responsibility for multiple offenses related to his attempts to overturn the previous presidential election.

However, Trump maintains his innocence amidst ongoing legal battles. Reports from various media outlets have also highlighted the growing tension between Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and Kushner since their departure from Washington in 2021.

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