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Former President Trump Fan Proposes to Nikki Haley, Faces Rejection for Voting Loyalty; Haley Pitches Herself as Alternative in New Hampshire

by Jessica

A fan of former President Donald Trump made a marriage proposal to Republican contender Nikki Haley during a campaign event in New Hampshire on Monday. However, Haley swiftly declined the proposal upon learning that the individual would not be voting for her. In a video circulating on Twitter, the guy in the crowd asked Haley, “Nikki! Will you marry me?” When queried about his vote, he admitted, “I’m voting for Trump…” to which Haley humorously responded, “Oh. Get out of here!”

Ahead of Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, Haley aimed to appeal to the state’s confident and independent voters, urging them to choose her and prevent a presidential rematch that a majority of Americans allegedly do not desire. She highlighted the reluctance for a Donald Trump-Joe Biden rematch, pointing out the age factor with both candidates in their 80s. The 81-year-old Democratic candidate Joe Biden is on track for his party’s nomination, while 77-year-old former President Trump is gaining momentum within the Republican Party.

Haley positioned herself as a more practical alternative, celebrating her 52nd birthday with a campaign tour across the state. With Ron DeSantis dropping out of the race on Sunday, Haley now faces Trump in New Hampshire. Addressing the development at Brown’s Lobster Pound, she acknowledged DeSantis’ campaign and declared, “It’s now one fella and one lady left. May the best woman win.”

Haley has invested significantly in New Hampshire, a state where Trump’s support may be less secure. Wealthy allies have supported her efforts to challenge Trump, and she has begun directly addressing her former boss in the 2024 campaign. Haley has questioned Trump’s mental capacity, criticized his ties with dictators, and accused him of spreading falsehoods about her past. One of her key criticisms is that Trump is harmful to Republicans, citing losses in the House, Senate, and White House during his tenure and consistent defeats in the general election in New Hampshire.

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