Former FBI Informant Indicted After Accusations Against Biden Calls to Halt Impeachment Inquiry Amid Controversy

by Jessica

A former FBI informant, Alexander Smirnov, who had accused Joe Biden of accepting bribes from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, was indicted by the Department of Justice. The charges against Smirnov include making false statements and creating a false record. According to Fox News.

Appearing in a Las Vegas court on Thursday, Smirnov faced accusations of providing inaccurate information to the FBI. This development prompted President Biden and Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin to call for an end to the ongoing impeachment inquiry initiated by House Republicans.

President Biden criticized the impeachment inquiry, deeming it an “outrageous effort from the beginning” and urged House Republicans to drop it. The call came in the wake of Smirnov’s indictment, which had alleged that Joe Biden and his son Hunter received millions from Burisma in exchange for their assistance in firing a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company.

Responding to inquiries about the indicted FBI informant, Biden dismissed the claims, stating, “He is lying, and it should be dropped.” However, House Republicans asserted that their impeachment inquiry is based on substantial evidence beyond Smirnov’s statements.

Special Counsel David Weiss charged Smirnov, 43, with making false statements and creating a false record during FBI interviews. The indictment outlines instances where Smirnov provided false information despite being warned to provide truthful details. In one case, Smirnov claimed to have had a phone call with Burisma’s owner in March 2017, where he falsely stated Hunter Biden’s involvement with the company.

The indictment also alleges that in June 2020, Smirnov disclosed two meetings from four to five years earlier, during which Burisma executives supposedly admitted hiring Hunter Biden to protect them through his father. Smirnov claimed they paid $5 million to each Biden, asserting it was to handle a criminal investigation by the then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, into Burisma.

These allegations were recorded on an FBI FD-1023 form to document unverified reporting from confidential sources. The form became a crucial document in the House investigation into the business dealings of the Biden family. The indictment further complicates the already contentious narrative surrounding Biden and Burisma, raising questions about the credibility of the information provided by Smirnov.

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