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Florida Teen Who Brutally Killed His Girlfriend And Covered Her Body Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison

by Jessica

A Florida teenager, Isaiah Greene, has been sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to the murder of his 18-year-old girlfriend, Gabrielle Bolton.

Greene admitted to striking Bolton with a metal object during an argument in the bathroom of their Jacksonville home in September 2022.

According to a Law and Crime report on Sunday, October 8, 2023, after attacking her, Greene dragged Bolton’s body to the bedroom and covered her with a shower curtain and towel.

Police were called to the home after Greene’s mother reported her son had called saying “She’s lying and cheating on me” and “I didn’t mean to do it.”

Greene had also texted his landlord not to come to the house and to call him. When the landlord and Greene’s mother arrived, Greene claimed Bolton may have slipped and fallen.

However, first responders found clear signs of foul play. Greene fled but was quickly apprehended by police nearby.

In his interview, Greene said he and Bolton had an abusive relationship.

He said they argued that morning about her talking to another man on FaceTime. After attacking Bolton, he realized she was dead and tried to cover up the crime before fleeing.

Bolton’s family held a vigil for her, describing her as strong-willed and intelligent.

She had aspirations of joining the military and becoming a District Attorney one day.

Greene’s guilty plea allowed him to avoid a trial but still led to a five-decade prison sentence for Bolton’s murder.

The crime cut short the life of a promising young woman who was clearly beloved by her family and community.

While Greene tried to shift some blame to Bolton by claiming mutual abuse, his violent actions ultimately led to her death and a lengthy prison term for him.

The murder left Bolton’s family mourning the loss of a daughter and sister gone too soon.

Ultimately, this case underscores how heated arguments between intimate partners can escalate to violence and end in tragedy.

Bolton’s murder is a stark reminder of the ongoing threat of domestic violence and the need to better address issues like abuse before they become fatal.

While Greene will serve his sentence, nothing can bring back Bolton or the future she deserved.

The case shows there are often warning signs before domestic violence turns deadly that the justice system must work harder to address.

If those had been heeded here, perhaps this needless murder could have been prevented.

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