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Father killed his 2-month-old baby after he got mad, grabbed the child by his arms, shook him, and threw him on the bed

by Jessica
Father killed his 2-month-old baby

A 26-year-old father named Brantly has been sentenced to 25 years in prison following the tragic death of his newborn son.

Prosecutors revealed that during an interview with investigators, Brantly admitted to losing his temper and engaging in a violent episode, resulting in the baby’s death.

He confessed to grabbing the infant by the arms, shaking him, and tossing him onto the bed because his wife had left him alone with the baby, causing him to “snap.”

Consequently, a judge found Brantly guilty of abuse or neglect of a child leading to the child’s demise. On December 15, 2020, Brantly made a distress call to 911, reporting that his newborn was unresponsive.

Emergency responders swiftly transported the infant to the hospital, where medical professionals discovered concerning signs of injury.

The two-month-old baby boy displayed indications of brain swelling and hemorrhaging, along with bruising on the forehead, jawline, and chest.

Notably, there were multiple bruises at varying stages of healing, and the parents were unable to provide a plausible explanation for them.

Further medical examination revealed that the child had retinal hemorrhages in his right eye and exhibited various layers of damage consistent with abusive head trauma.

Tragically, the baby succumbed to his injuries two days later, with the medical examiner attributing the cause of death to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Initially, Brantly had informed investigators that he had accidentally dropped the baby while attempting CPR, and he tried to explain the facial injuries as resulting from the baby hitting his head while in a bouncer and struggling to hold up his head.

However, during a subsequent interview, Brantly disclosed the truth about the incident, stating, “I shook him before I put him in the bassinet. Arrest me, let’s go.”

He also confessed to losing control, grabbing the baby, shaking him, and throwing him onto the bed. At the time, Brantly’s wife had left the house and was talking on the phone.

He told investigators, “When she left, he was screaming, and she was supposed to help me with him, and he was fussing and being mad, and she just left me with him, and I just snapped, I guess.”

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