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Famous Actress Accused Will Smith Of Dating Man

by Jessica
Will Smith

Renowned actor Will Smith has maintained a long-standing marriage with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The couple has openly shared insights into their relationship, including conversations about Jada Pinkett Smith’s involvement with her son’s best friend, a topic they’ve addressed on the show “Red Table Talk.”

Their candid discussions have led to speculation about the nature of their marriage, with some interpreting their statements as hinting at an open relationship arrangement.

However, there’s a particular subject the couple has refrained from addressing: the allegations regarding Will Smith’s sexual orientation.

Various co-stars and celebrities have made claims suggesting that the “I Am Legend” star is gay and has engaged in relationships with other men. One notable individual who made such assertions was the late actress Alexis Arquette.

Alexis Arquette was an advocate for transgender rights and was known for expressing her opinions on issues related to inclusivity. The actress alleged that Will Smith was discovered in bed with Benny Medina by his former wife, Sheree Zampino.

Benny Medina is recognized as a talent manager who has worked with prominent figures like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. Interestingly, Will Smith’s widely acclaimed television show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” was loosely inspired by Medina’s life story.

Arquette’s statements went further, implying that both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were gay, and she urged them to openly embrace their true selves. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Arquette wrote via Page Six:

“I will listen to them when Jada comes out as gay and her husband, who was her beard, acknowledges that his first marriage ended when she walked in on him… engaging in a relationship with his Sugar Daddy Benny Medina.”

Arquette’s remarks were a response to Jada Pinkett Smith’s decision to boycott the 2016 Oscars due to the lack of black actors nominated in the Best Actor category.

Arquette also took exception to Will Smith’s hesitation to kiss Anthony Rapp while filming “Six Degrees of Separation.” The actress urged Smith to take a clear stance, whether it be in support of or against the gay community.

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