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Family of Marine Files Second Lawsuit Against Alec Baldwin

by Jessica

Family of Fallen Marine Sues Alec Baldwin for $25 Million Over Allegations of Online Harassment

A federal lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District of New York by the family of Marine Lance Corporal Rylee J. McCollum against actor Alec Baldwin.

The widow and sisters of the US Marine, who tragically lost his life during the chaotic military exit from Afghanistan in 2021, are seeking damages of at least $25 million, accusing Baldwin of subjecting them to online criticism after he accused one of the women of being a January 6 insurrectionist.

Following McCollum’s death, Baldwin reached out to one of the Marine’s sisters, Roice, on Instagram and sent her a check for $5,000 as a tribute to the fallen soldier’s widow, Jiennah, and her newborn baby, according to the lawsuit.

However, tensions arose in January 2022 when Baldwin publicly clashed with Roice over a photo she posted of herself attending a protest near the Washington Monument on January 6, 2021.

In response, Baldwin accused her of participating in the Capitol riot and referred to her as an “insurrectionist.”

The lawsuit claims that Baldwin’s actions led to a barrage of hostile and hate-filled messages from his followers directed at Roice within 20 minutes of him reposting her photo, which had 2.4 million followers on his Instagram account.

Furthermore, Baldwin allegedly misidentified Jiennah as an insurrectionist in an Instagram comment, despite her not being in DC on that day.

The family received accusations of being white supremacists and comparisons to Nazis, along with demands for Jiennah to repay the $5,000 Baldwin had given her.

The plaintiffs contend that Baldwin did nothing to prevent his millions of followers from contacting them and allege that his conduct was negligent and reckless, causing them significant harm.

This is the second lawsuit the family has filed against Baldwin, the first having been filed in January in Wyoming, where some of the sisters live. However, it was dismissed in May due to a lack of jurisdiction over Baldwin, who resides in New York.

The family seeks a jury trial and is pursuing damages for invasion of privacy, defamation, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Baldwin’s representatives have not yet responded to the lawsuit.

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