Fairmont Horror Couple Charged with Child Neglect after Toddler Found Restrained with Duct Tape and Leash

by Jessica

Fairmont Couple Faces Charges in Disturbing Child Neglect Case: Toddler Restrained with Duct Tape and Leash

In Fairmont, a deeply unsettling case of child neglect has emerged, resulting in charges against a man and woman who restrained a toddler using disturbing methods. The Fairmont Police, in collaboration with Children’s Protective Services (CPS), responded to a call on Gaston Avenue, uncovering distressing details during their investigation.

The evidence found within the residence paints a horrifying picture. Officers discovered that the couple, identified as 44-year-old Keena White and 32-year-old Destiny Turner, had used duct tape to secure the child to an armchair. Additionally, a 25-pound dumbbell tied to the chair’s metal frame, along with ropes, nylon straps, yellow ribbon, and a strap resembling a leash, were among the disturbing items uncovered.

Confessions made by the couple shed light on the extent of the child’s suffering. White admitted to using cruel disciplinary measures, including pinching, evident from photos displaying bruises on the toddler’s legs. Turner confessed that due to the lack of a bed for the child, they restrained the toddler to the chair for extended periods during both day and night, exposing the child to ongoing torment.

Legal consequences swiftly followed the revelations. Both White and Turner face charges of one count of child neglect creating a risk of injury, underscoring the severe danger the child experienced under their care. Currently incarcerated at the North Central Regional Jail, both individuals have a bond set at $175,512 each.

This distressing case serves as a stark reminder of the darker aspects that can exist in certain corners of society. It emphasizes the crucial role of authorities in uncovering and addressing such atrocities to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals.

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