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Explosive Late-Night Trump Rant! Former President Unleashes Fury Amidst Legal Battle – America in Peril!

by Jessica

In a jaw-dropping late-night outburst, former President Donald Trump defied court warnings and launched a scathing attack on the judge overseeing his third indictment in Washington D.C. This latest legal battle revolves around charges of election interference, including his alleged involvement in the January 6 Capitol attack.

Fueling his frustration, Judge Tanya Chutkan, under pressure from Trump’s tenacious legal team, scheduled the trial for March 4, 2024, strategically just one day before Super Tuesday. Trump’s anger over this decision has been simmering, and it recently boiled over in a 3 a.m. tirade on his Truth Social platform.

Trump exclaimed, “I am being ‘railroaded’ by a highly partisan and corrupt system of INJUSTICE, headed by an opponent who is losing in the polls and simultaneously destroying our once Great Country!” He even boasted about his latest interview with Mark Levin.

Minutes later, he continued his onslaught: “Keep Indicting your Political Opponent, it makes no difference for what, or why. Keep him off the ‘campaign trail’ and in the courthouse instead. Don’t think of his Rights, the Constitution, or Liberty. Sit back and WATCH AMERICA CRUMBLE!”

Returning to a recurring theme, Trump accused the justice system of being “rigged” against him. In a striking move, he reposted Levin’s characterization of Judge Chutkan as “another judge from a Marxist family.” Despite repeated warnings about targeting the judge and court officials, Trump appears resolute in his stance. America watches in disbelief!

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