“He Has Never Cared About America” Ex-Trump Lawyer Says His Second Term Will Quash the ‘American Dream’

by Jessica

In recent developments, Donald Trump is making significant strides towards securing the GOP nomination, with recent polls suggesting a narrowing gap between him and President Joe Biden.

However, what distinguishes this scenario is the growing chorus of former aides speaking out against Trump. Notably, a former lawyer of Trump has gone so far as to warn that a potential second term for Trump could spell the end of the American Dream.

Several ex-White House officials are also issuing bold cautions, urging careful consideration before endorsing Trump’s return to the presidency, as reported by Mediaite.

This situation is unprecedented in presidential history, with numerous former close associates openly criticizing Trump’s leadership. Interviews with former Trump advisors reveal their struggles to devise strategies to counter a potential Trump candidacy in 2024.

Ty Cobb, once a vocal supporter of Trump’s 2016 campaign as White House counsel, has shifted his stance dramatically, expressing the belief that Trump’s return could lead to the downfall of the ‘American experiment.’

In an email to journalist Josh Dawsey, Cobb stated, “He has never cared about America, its citizens, its future, or anything but himself. His conduct and mere existence have hastened the demise of democracy and of the nation.” Cobb went on to suggest that Trump’s potential reelection would extinguish what remains of the American Dream.

According to the Washington Post, Former national security adviser John Bolton shared his increasing dismay at witnessing unsuccessful strategies employed by Trump, emphasizing that he prioritizes personal interests over the nation’s needs. Stephanie Grisham, a former member of the 2016 campaign team, also holds reservations about Trump’s potential return to power.

Even John Kelly, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, questioned the rationale behind anyone thinking Trump would be a good president, considering his past statements and actions. Seeking the campaign’s perspective, journalist Josh Dawsey contacted Steven Cheung, the designated spokesperson for Trump’s ongoing campaign. Cheung dismissed the criticisms, labeling the former associates as “media whores” seeking personal gain through book deals or cable news contracts.

The growing dissent from within Trump’s inner circle adds a unique dimension to the evolving political landscape, raising concerns about the potential consequences of his return to the presidency.

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