Ex-Trump Attorney Rips His Current Defense Team for Earning ‘Tongue-Lashing’ from Judge Merchan: ‘Bad Moment’

by Jessica

Jim Trusty, who used to represent former President Donald Trump, ripped Trump’s current defense team for earning a “tongue-lashing” from Judge Juan Merchan in court on Tuesday.

Merchan told Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche that he was “losing all credibility with the Court” during a Tuesday morning hearing about Trump’s potential violations of a gag order imposed on him by the judge, who also bristled at a comment from Blanche about their being “two systems of justice.”

“There’s two systems of justice in this courtroom? That’s what you’re saying?” asked an irritated Merchan. On CNN, Trusty, who previously represented Trump in his classified documents case, called it a “bad moment” for Blanche.

“I have to say, if you’re an attorney, you know, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you know, the C-word is a terrible word to hear about yourself.

And I mean credibility. When you start hearing a judge, you know- and look, this could be a tongue-lashing that’s not followed by a whole lot of damage,” reflected Trusty.

“But, you know, if the judge starts saying you’ve lost credibility, you know, that’s a bad moment for anybody, and you’ve really got to figure out a way, how do I patch this back? And, you know, most of us, feel like our reputation precedes us when we go into a courtroom anywhere, whether it’s home territory in New York or somewhere else.

You know, you know what your reputation is with the bench and you don’t like hearing those moments. So that, to me that’s almost a more powerful thing than anything else.”

He continued:

This debate about re-posting and stuff, that’s a losing debate. You should probably just frame it like this is kind of a passive violation, as opposed to saying this is innocent.

And any time, last thing, any time you tell a judge, ‘Hey, your order is kind of ambiguous,’ good luck! I mean, because even if it is, that’s you’re going right into the ego, right into the heart of things with the judge by saying,

‘Hey, you weren’t really clear. We don’t know if we broke any rules.’ That’s tough sledding, no matter who the judge is.

Watch above via CNN.

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