You Want to Destroy My Father, Eric Trump Yells at New York Judge After Ruling Against Donald Trump

by Jessica

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, has expressed dissatisfaction with a New York judge’s valuation of the Mar-a-Lago resort, claiming that the property’s true worth could exceed a billion dollars.

Navdeep Yadav, a staff writer at Benzinga, explains in a news publication on Wednesday, September 27, that in a social media post, Eric Trump criticized the judge’s assessment, asserting that the valuation was a deliberate attempt to harm his father and force him out of New York.

Eric Trump used social media to voice his concerns about the valuation of Mar-a-Lago, a Palm Beach property owned by the Trump family.

He asserted that the judge’s ruling estimated Mar-a-Lago’s value at around $18 million, whereas it is widely speculated to be worth well over a billion dollars, potentially making it the most valuable residential property in the country.

In his tweet, Eric Trump accused the judgment of being corrupt and coordinated with the aim of harming his father’s interests. He suggested that the legal process was manipulated to devalue Mar-a-Lago significantly.

Eric Trump also shared an unverified screenshot displaying property listings in Palm Beach, some of which were valued at more than $35 million.

He argued that these properties, which were significantly smaller and less prestigious than Mar-a-Lago, had much higher valuations. He characterized the judge’s decision as a “travesty of justice” and an embarrassment to the court.

Judge Arthur Engoron, in his recent ruling, found that Donald Trump had engaged in fraudulent activities by inflating the value of several properties, including Mar-a-Lago, by an estimated 2,300%.

The judge referenced an appraisal conducted by the Palm Beach County Assessor from 2011-2021, which assessed the property’s value within the range of $18 million to $27.6 million.

These allegations are part of a broader lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump and his organization. The lawsuit, totaling $250 million, accuses the Trump company of manipulating asset values to reduce tax liabilities and obtain better insurance coverage.

Following the judge’s ruling, certain business licenses held by Donald Trump have been revoked, and an independent monitor has been appointed to oversee the Trump organization’s activities.

The lawsuit is set to proceed to trial in the coming week, where the allegations of fraud will be further examined. Eric Trump’s challenge to the judge’s valuation of Mar-a-Lago reflects the ongoing legal battles surrounding the Trump family’s financial dealings.

The dispute over the property’s worth adds complexity to the broader lawsuit initiated by the New York Attorney General. As the legal proceedings continue, the true value of Mar-a-Lago and its implications for the Trump organization will be subject to further scrutiny.

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