Eric Trump Drops Sad Kayleigh McEnany Bombshell

by Jessica

Eric Trump says Alina Habba was more loyal to Trump than Kayleigh McEnany ever was. Former Trump aide and current Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany faced criticism from Eric Trump, who joined his father in attacking her loyalty.

Responding to a post on MAGA World comparing McEnany to Alina Habba in terms of loyalty, Eric Trump dismissed McEnany’s loyalty and praised Habba.

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen came to McEnany’s defense, urging others to leave her alone, emphasizing her consistent defense of Donald Trump from the podium as White House press secretary.

Thiessen’s tweet, condemning the “bullying” of McEnany, was shared on social media by senior Fox News political analyst Brit Hume.

The criticism from the Trumps stemmed from McEnany’s suggestion that after winning in New Hampshire, Donald Trump should adopt a general election tone to appeal to swing voters.

This suggestion did not sit well with the Trumps, leading to attacks on McEnany’s loyalty and advice. The internal disputes among Trump loyalists at Fox News highlight the divisions within the network over the post-Trump era and differing perspectives on the best political strategies.

The dynamics within the conservative media landscape continue to evolve, with figures like McEnany facing criticism from within their circles for expressing views that deviate from the Trump loyalist stance.

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