Donald Trump Reportedly Had A Meltdown When He Found Out Melania Was Watching CNN On Air Force One

by Jessica
Melania Trump

So far Melania Trump has been MIA when it comes to her husband’s third presidential campaign. (Though he swears she’ll hit the trail soon.) And yet, of late, she’s still been in the news.

There’s a new book coming out called American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden, and sure enough, it’s got some dirt on Donald Trump’s third wife. Among them was that the two had a spat over which 24-hour news network to put on the TV.

Per People, reporter Katie Rogers writes that, while her husband spent a good chunk of his presidency glued to Fox News, Melania was more of a CNN person.

She even watched it “voraciously,” causing what Rogers calls a “house divided.” Donald apparently tolerated that, at least up to a point:

The couple’s opposing media consumption habits became an issue for the then-president, however, in July 2018. That’s when, Rogers says, Donald became “incensed that his wife’s television was tuned to CNN aboard Air Force One during an overseas trip.” He ordered that all TVs on Air Force One — and in their individual hotel suites — be turned to Fox News moving forward.

Sadly, Trump’s rosy relationship with Fox News came to an end after they dared call the 2020 race for the person who beat him, Joe Biden.

Nowadays it’s more of a rollercoaster between the two, though he’ll still sometimes go on their show and say things like how he’ll be a “dictator” on the first day of his second term, or nonsensically compare himself to late Putin critic Alexei Navalny.

(Via People)

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