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Donald Trump Gets Great News

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s commanding lead in various surveys is evident, leaving his closest competitor, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, trailing behind.

This surge in support for Trump follows a consistent trend where he has experienced rising poll numbers and fundraising success with each legal indictment this year. From the New York hush-money case to the classified documents case in Florida and the federal 2020 election subversion case in Washington, Trump’s popularity seems unswayed.

This development indicates that DeSantis’s primary campaign arguments, especially his assertion of being more electable than Trump, have not strongly resonated with likely Republican voters, despite his chance to make an impression during the recent debate in Trump’s absence.

According to a recent Coefficient survey, Trump maintains a significant lead over his competitors, polling at 58% among around 2,700 probable Republican primary voters, while DeSantis stands at 13%. This reflects a three-point growth in Trump’s lead since the start of the month, with no other candidate crossing the 10% mark.

The Coefficient results align with a Morning Consult poll, which also places Trump at 58%, DeSantis at 14%, and no other contender exceeding the 10% threshold.

Even if all other candidates were to withdraw, forming a unified opposition against Trump, the former president would still secure a victory in a hypothetical one-on-one race against DeSantis by nearly a two-to-one margin, at 62% to 23%.

Interestingly, following Trump’s legal matters in Fulton County, the percentage of voters believing in his guilt regarding the charges decreased by 11%. Nevertheless, the majority, 74%, continue to believe that Trump’s indictment was an attempt to hinder his presidential candidacy.

These results emerge less than six months before the first 2024 primary contest, with Trump’s political future still subject to change as he navigates legal battles across the country, which could potentially divert his attention from the campaign trail.

Recent news reveals that the federal judge overseeing Trump’s special counsel prosecution, related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, has scheduled the trial to commence on March 4, 2024. This date falls just a day before Super Tuesday, which includes Republican primaries or caucuses in 15 states.

Both Trump and DeSantis enjoy favorable ratings among probable Republican primary voters, at 75% and 62% respectively. However, the intensity of Trump’s approval stands out, with 54% holding a “very favorable” opinion of the former president, compared to 19% for DeSantis.

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