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Divine Connection: Couple Discovers Prophetic Vision Fulfilled as They Adopt Unborn Child

by Jessica

In a remarkable tale of fate, Walter Manis and his wife, Annie, preparing to adopt an unborn baby, experienced an unexpected revelation during a meeting with the birth mom. The couple, who grew up together in Arkansas, were astonished when Walter recognized the young woman from his past.

Having known each other since childhood, Walter and Annie’s families were close friends. Despite Walt not paying much attention to Annie during their youth, the feeling was not mutual, as she admired him since childhood. Their paths crossed again when Annie went to college, and a deep connection developed.

During a conversation about their dreams, Walter recalled a vivid childhood vision where God showed him an image of a child named Chloe with dark skin and eyes, affirming she would be his daughter. Meanwhile, Annie, expressing her desire to be a mom, had already chosen the name Chloe for her future daughter. Unaware of each other’s revelations, the couple was stunned when they discovered the shared name.

Initially skeptical due to the vision depicting a child with different features, Walter eventually embraced the idea of adoption. Annie, convinced of their future together, initiated the adoption process. The couple received the news they had been waiting for—an email confirming they were chosen by a woman named Alison to adopt her unborn child.

During the meeting with Alison in Wichita, Kansas, Walter recognized her as a grown-up version of the little girl from his childhood vision. As the trio conversed, the topic of the baby’s name came up. Although Walt and Annie had initially discarded the name Chloe, Alison revealed that she had been calling the baby Chloe since she got pregnant.

The revelation left the couple awestruck, realizing that God had fulfilled the promise made to Walter as a child. All doubts about adopting a “band-aid baby” vanished, and they embraced their role as Chloe’s parents. The miraculous sequence of events reinforced their faith and deepened their understanding of God’s unwavering love.

Annie expressed gratitude for God’s presence throughout their journey, recognizing that what she perceived as neglect was divine love guiding their story. Walt emphasized the non-random nature of their experience, describing it as a miracle and a testament to God’s incredible love and sovereignty.

The Manis family’s inspiring story has become a source of increased faith, hope, and trust in God’s promises for others. It serves as a reminder that God works things out in His perfect timing, and His plans are beyond human comprehension.

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