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“He doesn’t seem well, not at all” – Ex-White House Aide Shares Disturbing Details About Trump

by Jessica

In a recent appearance on CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham expressed her growing concerns about Donald Trump’s mental state, suggesting that “something has changed” since her time in the administration.

Grisham, who earlier remarked that the ex-president is “known for throwing things” when upset, emphasized her observations regarding Trump’s recent behavior as reported by Raw Story on Saturday, January 27, 2024.

Grisham began by highlighting Trump’s success in projecting competency issues onto President Joe Biden.

Despite ongoing legal challenges, indictments, and financial pressures, Trump continues to portray himself as a strong candidate for the presidency.

Grisham urged others to take note of his behavior, stating that he “doesn’t seem well, not at all.”

“So I hope that others are noticing this, too,” she said of Trump and his behavior. “He doesn’t seem well, not at all.”

As Trump pursues another presidential run, Grisham pointed to the numerous legal issues he faces, including impending trials and potential business challenges in New York.

She questioned how these pressures could not contribute to a decline in his mental state.

“The man is running for president. He’s got how many indictments, how many trials, he’s got how many things happening to him, how much money he’s having to pay,” she explained.

“He may lose his business license in New York. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be in decline.”

Grisham’s observations raise important questions about the impact of ongoing legal battles on Trump’s overall well-being.

One key aspect Grisham highlighted was Trump’s tendency to cover up verbal failings when speaking publicly.

She noted a specific pattern in the way he addresses mistakes, suggesting a conscious effort to hide any signs of mental decline.

“The only thing I noticed, you know, is the usual is the way he tries to cover it up when he does speak publicly. He has a very specific way that he does that.”

This insight into Trump’s communication strategies emphasized how he manages public perception despite potential cognitive challenges.

During the interview, Grisham responded to questions about Trump’s recent “gaffes” and “flubs,” particularly at a recent rally in Las Vegas.

Acknowledging that she has noticed a clear difference, Grisham confirmed that Trump’s recent behavior contributes to her belief that he is a “man in mental decline.”

“I do think something has changed,” she admitted. “He seems like a man in mental decline, honestly.”

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