Disturbing Arrest: South Carolina Mother Threatens to Kill Infant, Abandons Baby in Wooded Area

by Jessica

South Carolina Mother Arrested for Allegedly Threatening and Abandoning 2-Month-Old in Wooded Area

Zipporah Sutton, a 24-year-old mother in South Carolina, has been taken into custody after purportedly making threats to kill her 2-month-old baby and subsequently throwing the infant into a wooded area. WIS reports that Sutton has been denied bond and is facing charges of unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person.

The alarming incident unfolded on Thursday when officers from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) responded to Sutton’s residence on Redberry Drive. Frantic family members had dialed 911, expressing concerns about Sutton’s erratic behavior.

According to Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell, the distressed family members informed authorities that Sutton had thrown her 2-month-old into a nearby wooded area. Upon arriving at the scene, the OCSO Special Operations unit discovered the infant scratched and “covered in sticks and leaves,” as detailed in the incident report.

Ravenell explained that even after discarding her baby, Sutton continued to resist officers, attempting to reach her children. He stated, “This individual was still struggling with my officers, trying to get at her children even after throwing her two-month-old daughter into a wooded area.”

Despite attempts to engage with Sutton, she allegedly conveyed to officers that she felt compelled to harm the infant if she remained in the current location. Upon detainment, Sutton reportedly persisted in trying to escape restraints and continued issuing threats about harming her child.

The Department of Social Services has been notified, and the 2-month-old is now under the care of a responsible family member. The investigation into this distressing incident is ongoing.

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