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“Can’t Take It Anymore”: Despite Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ Reunion, Fur Babies Create Trouble in Paradise

by Jessica

The much-anticipated reunion of Olympic legend Simone Biles and NFL player husband Jonathan Owens was heartwarming after 40 days apart. Their first meeting was captured in a photo displaying their wedding rings, radiating pure happiness.

But their joy took an unexpected twist when their beloved pets, Lilo and Rambo, unleashed a wave of mischief and peculiar behavior, leaving the couple bewildered.

Simone Biles, known for her candidness with fans, turned to Instagram to share their pet troubles. She posted Instagram stories featuring Lilo and Rambo wearing adorable guilty expressions, gazing directly into the camera.

Alongside these images, she included a “type something” box, reaching out to her followers for help. In her plea, she wrote, “I’m BEGGING for help; these 2 days won’t stop marking & I’ve tried everything… – sprays – diapers – belly bands- professional carpet cleaning & they won’t stop.”

The frustration in her voice was evident as she continued, “YES THEY’RE BOTH NEUTERED.” She reached her breaking point, exclaiming, “I can’t take it anymore… WHAT DO I DO? Doggy boot camp? or what? It’s gone on for a year now & I’m OVER IT.” This wasn’t the first time Biles had shared such updates about her furry companions.

In a previous post, she revealed that Lilo had to wear a diaper for life, highlighting the unique challenges of pet parenthood. There was also the infamous incident where Lilo developed a taste for dried-up worms, leaving both Biles and Owens amused and puzzled. However, in the world of Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens, love knows no bounds.

After nearly 40 days apart, their reunion was filled with happiness, dreams of a future home, and cherished date nights. Biles had just clinched her record-breaking 8th Gymnastics National Championship title, while Owens secured his spot among the 53 players on the Green Bay Packers roster for the upcoming NFL season.

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