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‘We are Going to Lose This Country’ Former Dem Warns of Biden Policies

by Jessica
Joe Biden

In an exclusive interview on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ former Democratic representative Mesha Mainor on September 9 sounded the alarm about what she sees as the adverse effects of liberal policies under the Biden administration.

Mainor, who switched parties to become a Republican, joined Campus Reform correspondent Daniel Idfresne to discuss what they believe is causing “decline and despair” in the United States.

Mainor began the discussion by expressing her deep concerns over the direction the country is heading. “We are going to lose this country,” she warned, citing a range of policies and decisions made by the current administration. Among her key concerns were the handling of the economy, immigration, and education.

One of the most pressing issues discussed was inflation. Mainor argued that the Biden administration’s excessive spending and stimulus packages were fueling rising prices, making it harder for average Americans to afford necessities.

She pointed out that inflation disproportionately affects lower-income households and has far-reaching consequences for the nation’s economic stability.

Idfresne echoed Mainor’s concerns and highlighted the growing immigration crisis at the southern border. He criticized the administration’s approach to immigration, suggesting that lax enforcement of immigration laws and a lack of border security were contributing to the problem.

Both Mainor and Idfresne stressed the importance of maintaining a secure border and upholding the rule of law.

Education was another topic of concern during the discussion. Mainor argued that liberal policies in education were undermining parental rights and imposing divisive ideologies in schools. She expressed her support for school choice and empowering parents to have more control over their children’s education.

The former Democratic representative also criticized the cancel culture and the suppression of free speech that she believes is rampant on college campuses.

Idfresne added that the stifling of diverse perspectives is harming the academic environment and limiting students’ exposure to different ideas.

Throughout the segment, Mainor and Idfresne offered a perspective that challenges the mainstream narrative, emphasizing their belief in conservative values as a way to address the country’s challenges.

It’s worth noting that Mainor’s decision to switch parties underscores the growing ideological divide within American politics. Her shift from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party reflects a trend of Democrats and Republicans realigning their priorities and values in response to the changing political landscape.

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