Defamation Plaintiff E. Jean Carroll Expresses Outrage at Trump’s Political Use of Assault, Plans to Utilize Damages for Positive Impact

by Jessica

Following the recent $83.3 million judgment against former President Donald Trump for defaming E. Jean Carroll during his presidency, Carroll expressed her dismay over Trump’s political resilience amid legal challenges. Carroll, who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the ’90s, condemned Trump’s use of her assault for political gain during an interview on CNN This Morning with co-anchors Poppy Harlow and Phil Mattingly.

During the interview, Mattingly inquired about Trump’s increasing influence within the Republican Party despite legal setbacks. Carroll, noting the divergent objectives in the courtroom, emphasized that for Trump, it was more of a campaign stop than a legal proceeding. She criticized Trump for leveraging her sexual assault to garner votes, stating, “A man found liable for sexual assault is using the woman he sexually assaulted to get votes!”

When asked about the potential financial settlement, Carroll revealed plans to use the money for positive initiatives. While jokingly dismissing the idea of turning Trump Tower into an animal sanctuary, she asserted the intention not to waste a penny of the damages. Carroll mentioned Mary Trump’s suggestion and hinted at initiatives aimed at opposing Trump’s stance on women’s rights.

She recalled Trump’s derogatory remarks about women and proposed using the funds to work towards restoring women’s rights, particularly in the context of reproductive freedom. The interview shed light on Carroll’s determination to channel the damages into initiatives that counter Trump’s controversial views and policies.

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