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Fox News Jesse Watters raises questions about the mysterious death of Obama’s personal chef

by Jessica

Jesse Watters, a Fox News journalist, has raised questions about the mysterious death of Tafari Campbell, former President Barack Obama’s personal chef.

According to a report by OK Magazine on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, Tafari Campbell drowned while paddle boarding near the Obama family’s private residence on Martha’s Vineyard in July.

Despite efforts from a nearby paddle boarder to reach him in time, Campbell drowned before help could come through.

Tafari Campbell had been working closely with the Obama family for several years and was a talented cook.

Watters has brought attention to the incident and questioned the involvement of the Obama family in Campbell’s death.

On Tuesday, October 24, Jesse Watters reported on his show, Jesse Watters Primetime, that the 911 call in the drowning of Tafari Campbell had been released.

He stated that a Secret Service agent placed a call after the female Obama staffer paddle-boarding with Campbell alerted him of the drowning.

He also disclosed that there were two calls made, which were heavily redacted, likely to protect the First Family.

The former president arrived at the incident command post after the 911 call was placed and spoke to the Secret Service and police, despite an earlier charge that there was no mention of the Obamas on the call.

Watters mentioned the absence of the female Obama staffer who was paddle-boarding with Campbell when he drowned.

Watters’ report has raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Campbell’s death and whether there was a cover-up by the Obama family.

Some have criticized Jesse Watters for exploiting Tafari Campbell’s death and channeling his inner Tucker Carlson.

However, others have praised him for bringing attention to the incident and questioning the official narrative.

The death of Tafari Campbell is a tragic incident that has left many unanswered questions.

The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear, and it is not known whether the Obama family was involved in any way.

However, the release of the 911 call has raised questions about the official narrative, and it is important that these questions are answered to provide closure for Campbell’s family and friends.

It is important to note that the investigation into Campbell’s death is ongoing, and it is not appropriate to jump to conclusions or make unfounded accusations.

The Obama family has not commented on the incident, and it is not known whether they will address the questions raised by Watters’ report.


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